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Choose your base model

Each base model has its own look and feel. Your sofa will vary in form and function as headrests, shelve spaces and other details differ between models. All models are hand-finished with high quality materials. Select the design that you love, then customize to make it even better.


With Sofally, you can design and build your sofa however you want it. Arrange and combine different types of seating. Choose between different types of leather and fabric, with dozens of colors available for each material. It is possible to build over 180,000 unique sofas right on our website, but give us a call if you do not find the perfect one. We will build you a made-to order, one-of-a-kind piece exactly the way you want.

Construction and delivery

We will build and hand-finish your custom sofa, then deliver it right to your living room. This process takes roughly 2 months. Shipping and setup is completely handled by Sofally at no additional cost. All you will need to do is schedule a time with us when you will be at home – then sit back and relax.

Try our material samples

Is it difficult to choose from all the colors? Click the button below to see if you qualify for free samples! We provide material samples so you can verify the color and quality and make your decision with confidence. You can feel it, stretch it, check the shine of it and see how well the color pairs with your home decor and interior design. Check our Leather Samples page to see our Italian Leather, Genuine Leather and Bonded Leather color options.


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