Our warranty covers all structural defects for 1 year from the date of delivery.

A structural defect is defined as: a failure, material or mechanical, of the supporting structure of the furniture.

Additional Cover:

Any repair, labor and materials, for any furniture item deemed to be defective

Shipping and delivery charges associated with resolving the after-sale/warranty issue

Because all the goods are custom-made, processing time associated with resolving issues is expected. The processing time can range from days, to weeks and months depending on the issue. This warranty does not include cover for any loss of enjoyment of your furniture during this period.


This warranty does not apply to:

  • Damage caused by a carrier: Please check the product for any external damage upon delivery. We cover external damage until 3 days after delivery, so please inform us as soon as possible
  • Normal wear and tear due to usage
  • Damages or failures resulting from customer’s own modifications, alterations, misuse, abuse or negligence or improper care and maintenance of our products

Please follow the procedures described below to process warranty issues:

  1. Contact our Customer Service (1-866-366-8899 or service@sofally.com) and provide the order number or your full contact on Sofally.com.
  2. Customer Service will determine and pre-approve all resolutions to the claim such as replacement units, service parts, labor and repair charges. Upon approval, resolutions will be assigned a reference number. Customers can use the reference number to contact Customer Service again and check the resolution status.
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